Shave and trim service in Dubai

Pamper your facial hairs with us

Shaving and trimming both have so much of significance when it comes to occasion and style

If you are looking for Shave and trim service in Dubai don’t give a second thought before choosing us at – Adriand salon, because we don’t only do the work or you but we help you by our worthy suggestions which helps you in deciding for which service to go for.

Regardless of whether you should shave or trim your facial hair is an inquiry that most men battle for an answer. All things considered, the basic answer would be, it relies upon your decision. All things considered, there are a couple of variables that you have to consider, before you choose, which of the two is reasonable for you.

Shaving has a serious terrible notoriety with respect to the ingrown hair. When you shave your whiskers over and again, every day or as often as possible, there is a propensity for the short hair follicles to return into the skin. This happens when the hair follicles bed back and dive deep into the skin. This looks like little dark knocks on the skin and this makes a look that is undesirable.

Trim for men at our gent’s salon in Dubai is something which encapsulates various factors into consideration before we actually get to our work. Our special team of hair consultant suggests you with various options about the density and style of your stubbles. Trim and shave both have their own relevance as per the occasions and thus its very important to understand when to carry which look.